R282+38Q Air Terjun Sing Sing, Tigawasa, Kec. Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81152, Indonesia
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Air Terjun Sing Sing di Bali

Air Terjun Sing Sing adalah Sepasang air terjun indah & kolam rendam yang dikelilingi sawah & dapat diakses melalui jalan setapak.

Terletak di Kabupaten Buleleng provinsi Bali, Air Terjun Sing Sing mudah diakses dengan berbagai moda transportasi.

Alamat lengkapnya adalah R282+38Q Air Terjun Sing Sing, Tigawasa, Kec. Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81152, Indonesia.

Banyak orang yang jatuh cinta dengan Air Terjun Sing Sing. Tak heran, tempat ini memiliki rating tinggi, yaitu 3.8 dari 5 bintang. Beragam ulasan positif dari para pengunjung menjadi bukti nyata bahwa Air Terjun Sing Sing adalah tempat wisata yang tak boleh dilewatkan.

Bahkan seorang wisatawan yang telah mengunjungi Air Terjun Sing Sing, mengatakan bahwa:

Sebelum berkunjung, pastikan kamu menyesuaikan waktumu dengan jam operasional Air Terjun Sing Sing. Saat ini, tempat wisata ini buka pada Buka 24 jam. Kamu tak perlu khawatir akan kehabisan waktu ataupun antrian panjang, karena Air Terjun Sing Sing siap menyambutmu dengan hangat.

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R282+38Q Air Terjun Sing Sing, Tigawasa, Kec. Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81152, Indonesia


Tigawasa, Kecamatan Banjar


Kabupaten Buleleng



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Buka 24 jam


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R282+38Q Air Terjun Sing Sing, Tigawasa, Kec. Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81152, Indonesia



Good waterfall to visit as it is not super touristy, easy to get to and has the option of just seeing one waterfall if you can't comfortably climb to the second.Small parking donation of your choice if you drive / scooter there.There are guides waiting to take you (useful if you want to see the second waterfall in rainy season as it's quite slippery!). Try to agree a price before going with them - we bartered down to 100K each. Female travellers should take care - we were two girls and after we'd paid and had a perfectly fine experience with the guide he shook our hand and attempted to kiss us both without consent.


We visited during the rainy season and had a nice time, lots of water. We walked up to the Sing Sing resort and asked them about the falls. They were very kind and showed us a staircase down to the second falls in the back of the resort. The stairs were very overgrown with weeds and there were mosquitos so have bug spray. Some climbing required to get to the water. Much prettier than the first falls based on the pictures I saw. We had the place to ourselves. We had a nice lunch at the resort after with an amazing view. This was a good way to avoid the local 'guides' who want money.


I'd give 4 stars for the experience but the falls themselves aren't spectacular so 3 stars. We chose Sing-Sing because its the only waterfall in reasonable walking distance from our villa. We opted to do what Alex Hummel suggested- walk to the Sing Sing Resort.From our villa it took about 1 hr and 30 mins along a lovely back track through the villages. Note there's a very steep climb to the resort at the end, but we are in our early 40's with low-moderate fitness and we managed, so you can too. We ate lunch there, the food was very nice (North Bali is still recovering from the pandemic- do visit now as it's quiet), enjoyed the spectacular view to the ocean, and then went down to the waterfall via the stairs at the back of the resort.As described they were very overgrown (maybe the resort will clip the bush back when they get customers again) and definitely take insect repellent. But it's short and only slightly perilous. It was raining and it was ok.I had a refreshing swim and we had the place completely to ourselves!!! We did not see any of these pushy touts others described, and the waterfall was free.A beautiful day of exploring the region for us.Note we went in wet season- March 2023.

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